What Is a Flat Fee Dissolution with Wood & Brewer, LLC in Worthington, Ohio?

The Flat Fee For My Case

The fee is typically paid for the lawyer's services in a family law matter. The law firm's flat fee includes all costs of handling the case, including attorney fees and related expenses. Depending on the specifics of the case and the circumstances, the flat rate may change. For instance, the lawyer may impose a fixed fee if the client only retains them to prepare a divorce petition and any related paperwork, file it, and serve it. Flat fee rates are typically when the lawyer shows up for the hearing and prepares the documentation.

How Does Our Flat Fee System Operate?

Clients can frequently cooperate to settle the concerns that must be resolved before a divorce/dissolution can be legally finalized. This indicates that there are no problems that the court will need to consider and that the parties have reached an agreement on all fundamental matters relating to child custody and the division of marital property.

It may be feasible to have your family law case handled flat fee if you have an uncontested divorce or dissolution. The flat rates offered by Wood & Brewer, LLC enable you to receive an up front estimate of the cost of hiring our legal services for your case.

Advantages of Flat-Fee Divorce

One of the benefits is that is emphasizes efficiency from your attorney. The longer something takes when billing by the hour, the more the attorney bills. Flat fees incentivize attorneys to conclude matters promptly as opposed to pursuing lengthy litigation. There are no additional costs for sitting in court or for travel time. Without a flat fee billing, one of these elements might increase your legal fees by thousands of dollars.

A divorce with a flat fee also eliminates the chance that your hostile spouse would exploit your financial situation. You can pursue the divorce settlement you genuinely need and deserve without the burden of an ambiguous and unpredictable attorney cost.

Another important fact is that you can truly control how your divorce proceeds. Together, you and your spouse can come to decisions that will allow you both to go on with your new lives and put this in the past.

Who Can Benefit From an Uncontested Divorce?

For clients who have decided how to divide their assets and debts, a flat fee divorce is the best option. Couples who have decided on the time-sharing schedule, parenting responsibilities, and decision-making are most suited for this choice if minor children are involved. A flat-fee divorce is the best choice if you and your spouse can agree on these issues.

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The choice to seek a divorce has its own set of difficulties, not the least of which is how to pay for a divorce lawyer's services. Fortunately, Wood & Brewer, LLC provides flat fee choices for divorce/dissolution services to help make the process more accessible for people who ordinarily cannot afford legal assistance.