Is Debt Settlement an Option?

At times, our clients have decided that they need some type of financial help but just aren’t sure that bankruptcy will best serve their needs. When clients express these types of concerns, debt settlement is often the next best option.

Debt settlement is a way of working directly with a creditor in order to resolve a certain debt. The goal of debt settlement is to come to an agreement with the creditor to accept less than the total they are owed. Often, creditors will agree to a lesser amount if they can obtain a lump sum payment. Other times, the creditor will be willing to set up a monthly payment arrangement to resolve the debt.

So, if you are a potential client that would like our help, but you don’t want to file for bankruptcy—that’s OK! We are still here to discuss other options and work together to decide what the best form of relief is for you.

We help you through the debt settlement process by:
• Meeting with you to gather the details of your debt and creditor situation.
• Reviewing your current income and expenses with you.
• Coming up with a plan that focuses on eliminating your biggest debts.
• Meeting with creditors to discuss a settlement option.

Your Case, Your Life, Our Priority

When you work with Wood & Brewer, LLC, you will work directly with your Westerville debt settlement attorney for the most thorough and personalized representation possible. We have more than 15 years of experience with both business and consumer cases. We offer flexible fee payment options for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm if you are facing mounting debt. We never take a one size fits all approach, and look forward to the opportunity of helping you find a bright new future filled with financial peace.

Speak with our team at Wood & Brewer, LLC if you are considering debt settlement. We are proud to serve the communities of Southern Ohio including Franklin County, Delaware County, and Fairfield County with 24/7 availability.

Contact our firm today for debt settlement help or legal assistance for other bankruptcy matters in Columbus.